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Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)
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Vitamin B12,UV1%, feed grade
Source:Shijiazhuang Binpharm Tech Co., Ltd. | Date:2016-3-5 | Visits:
The new product, Vitamin B12 UV1% feed grade, was put into production on 1st March,2016.
The specification is ,
Character:Pale red powder,hygroscopic
Carrier:Corn starch,Mannitol,Lactose,Di-calcium Phosphate
Quality Standard: GB/T9841-2006,Enterprise Standard
1.Growth retardation,low transformed efficiency of feed.Pellagra,infectious dermatitis,poor fledging.
2.It can adjust nervous system,inprove hematopoietic function of the boby,treat anemia and protect the liver.
3.It is effective to treat fatty liver,hepatic necrosis,and especially effective to hepatic damage due to long-term use of antibiotics.
4.Low rate of incubation,high rate of dead embryos.Breeding difficulty of sows,disturbance in the growth of hind legs of piglets .It can meet the need for VB12 of fish and shrimp,prevent from deficiency in VB12 and from irritability,improve immunocompetence,facilitate the transformation of nutrient in feed,and im-prove growth rate,survival rate and reproduction rate.
Shelf life: 2 years
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